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Hi, I'm Leah.


Intimacy Coach & Meditation Teacher.
I want you to feel your best and experience deep love. 


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What I'm All

I used to work16hr days for tech startups and Microsoft. I crashed and burned in my body and in my relationships until I discovered a few simple tools. If you're feeling stressed, dull, burnt out... if your relationships and personal life are suffering... If you're feeling disconnected or just not like yourself -I’ve been there too and would love to help!

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Work With Me

Meditation | Mental Clarity | Intimacy

Book a private online session with me to learn how meditation and mindfulness can help you in your personal health, mental wellbeing and relationships.


Upcoming Retreats


Bali Like A Boss!
Ubud, Bali: Jun 1-7, 2019

Join Leah & Shayna Hiller in a transformational yoga, tantra and meditation retreat for professionals who want to be empowered.

Vino & Vinyasa!
Tuscany: Sep 25-Oct 5, 2019

Join Leah & Paul Teodo in this fun “gluten-full” Italian adventure retreat! We’ll do daily yoga and meditation, cooking lessons, vineyards and more!


Online Courses

Leah's meditations help unburden years of tension and stress from your body,

restoring you to a peaceful state of being. 

When your mind-body system is at peace, you'll  naturally be more focused, creative

and productive...and that's when your life and relationships improve!


Classes & Workshops

I honor the great tradition of ancient wisdom practices but share them in practical ways, so even when you're busy, you can do them in your daily life. Easy peasy. 


Start Your Journey

The beauty is all in the Journey, not the destination.

Listen to this FREE GUIDED MEDITATION and take the first step of your journey with me. I'm excited to be with you on your journey of self exploration and peace.

Leah takes us on a beautiful journey that’s beneficial to relationships in an out of the workplace. Managing stress, staying calm and growing the connection within.