“Leah has the power of calm. She makes learning meditation simple and has a deep sense of the science behind it. I love taking her classes. I set intentions, get focused and feel peaceful.”
— Suze Shwartz, Unplug Meditation (LA)

“I found myself gently nudged out of my comfort-zone and experienced a profound learning that allowed me to let down my guard and really open with other human beings.”
— Eric, Actor

Thank you for your feminine energy and for touching my heart during the intimacy exercise. I grew so much spiritually and saw so much beauty and sweetness that I have been constantly asking myself today, “Is this what I have been so afraid to see all along? Beauty and sweetness?”
— Joey, Finance

Leah is a powerful teacher and her classes have been getting me in the zone!
— Brandon, Digital Marketing

Words can’t BEGIN express to express how grateful I am for this experience, my ❤️ is overflowing with love
— Tina, Disney Media

Leah’s program is now a part of my daily routine and was the catalyst I needed to shift me from a stressed out man with the world crushing him, to now being open, relaxed and proactive in my life.

The support and guidance was the “something” that finally helped me slow down, take grasp of what I needed and change my situation.

For me - It’s the catalyst I needed to transform my body and my life.”
— Mark, Microsoft

Leah takes us on a beautiful journey that’s beneficial to relationships in an out of the workplace. Managing stress, staying calm and growing the connection within.
— Stefani, Founder of WellDone

I’ve struggled with emotional eating and body issues for years. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a handle on this, but I needed a tune-up. Leah’s program has been so helpful for me and for other people really struggling. It’s an amazing resource for anyone looking for a clear path towards a healthier relationship with their body.”
— Shannon, Vienna