"The Best Trip Ever." 

"I really just thought I was going on a yoga and meditation retreat. I thought, Ok cool, I’m gonna get back on my workout game, meet some likeminded people, be somewhere beautiful. I had no idea how much more this was going to be. Leah, thank you so much for bringing this trip and lifestyle into my life, you made meditation seem easy, accessible and important to me and I'm so grateful for how I feel after this retreat.

I came for the workout and vacay but fell in love with yoga and meditation. And maybe the universe? All I know is, this was the most religious this agnostic has ever felt. The closest thing I can compare this experience to is the time I ate a weed brownie and went to see Avatar in IMAX, cried happy tears and understood life. But this was sober!! 😂😂🙈

We had two hours of yoga a day, healthy but amazing food, a bunch of different types of meditation and incredibly interesting explanations of them. We did crazy shit like howling at the jungle with total abandon, dancing, chanting, singing, crying happy tears, sticking my head under a fountain to release negativity before being blessed by a Balinese high priest, poetry readings, amazing massages and facials, waking up feeling alive and clear and grateful for everything I have, breath-work, emotional intelligence, resiliency and intimacy workshops, making deep friendships fast AF, and feeling at home across the world with strangers. Thank you, thank you! I will be back. 🙏🏼

( ps I don’t roll my eyes at this 🙏🏼 emoji anymore!!!! I’m gonna use the shit out of it!) 💗💗💗💗 - Lauren, Los Angeles


Detox, Yoga & Meditation - Philippines: Nov 4-10, 2018

Join Leah and Paul Teodo on a life-altering retreat at the Farm at San Benito, a 5-star holistic resort that rests on 50 hectares of lush green jungle and has received 53 prestigious international accolades including “The Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World.”

Assisted by Naturopathic medical professionals, this retreat will provide you with a customized self-care routine in yoga, meditation and personal wellness that’ll benefit you for the rest of your life.

Bali like a boss - Ubud, bali: oct. 6-12, 2019

Join Leah and Shayna Hiller for their 2nd annual retreat in Bali! This is a transformational trip of a lifetime!

Daily yoga, organic healthy food, massages, spa, meditation, breathwork, workshops, cultural experiences. Leah and Shayna will guide you to discover the behind-the-scenes treasures of Bali, alongside incredible heart opening workshops and life-changing practices. 

All set in a backdrop of lush jungle, immersed by the beautiful sounds of nature. Get ready to seriously release years of stress and trauma, once and for all. 

172967-05-Nurai-Beach Club.jpg

Women’s Island retreat - Nurai, dubai: jan 13-17, 2019

Imagine spending 4 incredibly transformational days on a staggeringly beautiful private island with turquoise waters and white sand under your toes. Leah and Shayna will be guiding you through practical tools you can use to step into your feminine power! Sensuality, creativity, strength, resilience, feminine grace and intuition.

All with the most incredible support and daily yoga, organic healthy food, massages, spa treatments, meditation, breathwork, workshops and more chill than you know what to do with at this 5-Star, award winning luxury resort!