Meet the Teachers


Paul Teodo

“Paul is the first yoga teacher I’ve experienced who actually laughs and smiles as he’s kicking your ass, to the point where you forget that you’re sweating and doing more than you thought you were capable of. Then he takes out the guitar and the sound healing begins. He’s a badass athlete that makes any student want to push a little more and go a little deeper without any pressure. I’m not sure how he even does it. He truly cares about every person and every variation for every student. He has a range of classes, from yin to slow flow to sweaty. This guy has the goods and you can’t help but show up for any class he’s teaching. His spirit shines through and I loved working with him daily!”

- Lauren, Los Angeles

Paul teaches a power-vinyasa flow class with emphasis on alignment and breath, with variations for students at all levels. During the class, he teaches mindfulness as well as physical asana. With uplifting music his classes are fun and challenging. Yoga and meditation have improved every aspect of my life, and it has helped me overcome issues with depression and anxiety. Being more awake is a gift this practice gives us, and he tries to pass on all he has learned along his path to my students.

Paul studied under YogaWorks, senior trainers David Kim and Jesse Schein, Sara Ivanhoe, Travis Eliot and Dr. Lorin Roche.


Leah Santa Cruz

“When I first met Leah, I felt like I had known her forever with her wide smile and open warmth. I have been meditating for 10 years on my own, but Leah brought in new ways to meditate and changed up my practice that has enhanced my daily experience.

She is a cool nerd with all her wisdom that she brings from her experience, the books she’s read and the many teachers she’s studied with. She’s an eternal student herself and her teaching style is so effortless and heartfelt. Leah is dedicated to introducing people to their best selves and she shares so much of her own story that it helps you brave sharing your own.”

- Lauren, Los Angeles

Leah is an Meditation and Yoga Teacher and Intimacy Coach who loves to empower people with tools to live stress-free and have loving relationships. 

Her background began with a degree in psychology and neuroscience, followed by a decade-long, fast-paced tech career for Microsoft and Thrive Market. 

Meditation, yoga and mindfulness pulled her out of rock-bottom, burn-out. After being mentored and launching a spiritual community center in Venice Beach, she went on to teach worldwide. Leah has studied with Dr. Lorin Roche, Mark Whitwell and Steve Ross. 


Shirley Shivhon

“Everything about the retreat was perfect. Shirley is a wonderful yoga teacher who understands the different needs of all individuals. I had never done yoga before and she provided some alternative poses which I could practice whilst those more experienced could practice more advanced poses.

We had two sessions a day including meditation sessions which I really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend going on one of her yoga retreats even if you’re a beginner- I am and still really enjoyed myself and had a lovely relaxing time in the countryside with the sweetest ladies.”

– Alexandra Brosens-Doy

Shirley was born in Israel and raised in southern Cali before finding her way to Tuscany. She’s a yoga teacher who works from the inside out, and her daily practice greatly informs her life.

In a high intensity and fast paced world, yoga has always been her favorite tool for dealing with daily pressures and stress. Students find her a joy to work with, because along with her talent and passion, she brings a unique equanimity to any situation. Yoga isn’t something she just does, it is something she lives.

Shirley is recognized for her down-to-earth approach to wellness. She’s studied with Steve Rosh, Ish Moran and It’s Yoga Firenze studio.



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