My approach to Meditation 

I don't believe in one-size-fits-all, so I deliberately trained in multiple schools of meditation. I hold myself to a standard of excellence that I hope reflects my deep respect and gratitude for the practice itself and my master teachers, Lorin Roche, PhD - who trained me on the Radiance Sutras, tantric meditation and instinctive meditation. Camille Maurine - who taught me meditation secrets for women. And the former Vedic Monk, Steve Ross - who taught me qi gong, mindfulness, breathwork, energizing practices, mantra and self-induced trance meditations. I guide students through a sensual journey, exploring the depths of your body, instincts and intuition, and ultimately enhancing your relationship to yourself and life.


Beginner Meditations

You don't need any experience to start with these videos. If you're still relatively new to meditation (practicing under 1 year), I suggest starting here too. They'll give you the foundational skills like you've never experienced before. I guarantee it.

Intro to Meditation (6-part video series)

  1. What is Meditation?

  2. Attention and Acceptance

  3. When Your Mind is Busy

  4. Focusing On Your Breath

  5. Connecting With Your Body

  6. Using A Mantra

Meditations for Weight Loss & Healthy Body (All Levels)

After a great deal of research I found meditation and mindfulness tools that actually work to help people curb cravings, eat mindfully and get into more vibrant health in their body. My test groups discovered incredible breakthroughs and transformational results! I strongly believe in the results you'll get from it, with all my heart! 

Mindful Body (12-part VIDEO series)

  1. How to Do This Course

  2. Benefits of Meditation

  3. Top Tips for Beginners

  4. Signs Your Benefitting

  5. Myths About Meditation

  6. How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

  7. How To Meditate

  8. Mindful Eating

  9. Calming Cravings

  10. Breaking Free From Unhealthy Habits

  11. Letting Go of The Weight

  12. Creating The Ideal You

Intermediate-Advanced Meditations 

Once you've learned the basic skills of meditation, try out the below:

MEDITATIONS for living (10-pt video series)

  1. Morning Power Meditation

  2. Energy Center/Chakra Balancing

  3. Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

  4. Manifest Your Heart's Desires

  5. Present Moment Awareness

  6. Self Love & Compassion

  7. Forgiveness Meditation

  8. Finding Acceptance

  9. Evening Unwind

  10. Drift Into Deep Sleep

Mindfulness Talks

These short talks outline useful ways to live your life more mindfully and in a greater sense of ease.

MINDFULNESS TALKS (4-part video series)

  1. How to Handle Stress from Your Job

  2. How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

  3. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

  4. How to Ease Chronic Pain with Meditation

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