Adventures In Intimacy -

Wednesday, March 27: 2-5pm

@Bali Spirit Festival, Bali. More info or to sign up here —>

Sunday, April 14: 2-5pm

@Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. More info or to sign up here —>


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Drop-in to one of my workshops or studio classes, and you'll flow to a divine soundtrack, learn something new, get lost in your body, develop a new relationship with your mind, breathe deeply and connect to something greater. I teach all levels of students and aim to bring what's most beneficial and relevant to you at this point in your journey. I aim to create an atmosphere of warmth, healing and encouragement so you can leave with a greater sense of wellbeing.


instinctive Meditation 

I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so I deliberately trained in multiple schools of meditation. I hold myself to a standard of excellence that I hope reflects my deep respect and gratitude for the practice itself and my master teachers, Lorin Roche, PhD - who trained me on the Radiance Sutras and tantric, as well as instinctive meditation. Camille Maurine - who taught me meditation secrets for women. And former Vedic Monk, Steve Ross - who taught me qi gong, mindfulness, breathwork, energizing, mindfulness, mantra and self-induced transcendent meditations. As you can see, I have multi-dimensional approach, so you can expect each class to take you on a sensual journey, exploring the depths of your body, instincts and intuition, and ultimately enhancing your relationship to life itself. My meditation classes usually include light breathwork and Qi Gong practices to help you become attuned to your own energy field.


Hatha Yoga 

I've had the honor to be trained by master teacher, Mark Whitwell, long-time student of Krishnamacharya - also the teacher of B.K.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois - the founders of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga (who popularized yoga around the globe). I aim to share some of Krishnamacharya’s forgotten yet imperative teachings from the great tradition of yoga - dating back centuries to the yogi-scholars Pantanjali and the Upanishads. My yoga classes are an artful blend of Hatha movement, pranayama and meditation.

With emphasis on the breath, each experience becomes a moving meditation.



women's Circles

Women's circles are a place for women to come together and be supported, heard and loved. Our female ancestors have gathered together in these circles for thousands of years so I'm delighted to facilitate the tradition. Each gathering is totally unique and combines insightful wisdom sharing amongst the group on a new theme relevant to women in our modern times. There are heart-opening practices and connection exercises  - so you leave feeling connected, nurtured and loved by a new tribe of sisters.


Adventures In Intimacy 

"Allows for giving and receiving rarely touched upon by spiritual workshops." - Eric, LA.

A 3hr workshop in non-sexual intimacy and basic human-to-human connection. I include light-hearted yet powerful transforming exercises to re-tune you back to your natural loving state, open your heart and help you deepen your connection with everyone in your life: lovers, partners, friends and family. 

For singles and couples alike! No "funny stuff" here.

Taught at Yoga Barn & Bali Spirit Fest.

I Travel Too!

I love exploring the world with my partner and yoga teacher, Paul Teodo. Interested in hosting one of our workshops at your home studio? 

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