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Sacred Sexuality & Relationships

1 Day Immersion on Sept 19th, 2019 @ The Yoga Barn, Bali

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Adventures In Intimacy

Transform Your Relationships - in January @ Yoga Barn

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What’s it about?

"Allows for giving and receiving rarely touched upon by spiritual workshops." - Eric, LA.

A workshop in non-sexual intimacy that basically teaches you how to be a better human around other humans.. I include light-hearted yet powerful transforming exercises to re-tune you back to your natural loving state, open your heart and help you deepen your connection with everyone in your life: partners, friends and family. For singles and couples alike! No "funny stuff" here.

Taught at studios around the world including Unplug Meditation (LA), The Den Meditation (LA), Yogaworx (Australia), Yoga Barn (Bali) & Bali Spirit Fest.

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Quit Your Job & Travel the World

Coming in January @ The Yoga Barn, Bali

Details to follow soon

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 women's empowerment Circles - ongoing workshop (weekly)

Women's empowerment circles are a place for women to come together and be supported, heard and loved. Our female ancestors have gathered together in these circles for thousands of years so I'm delighted to facilitate and support the tradition. Each gathering is totally unique and combines insightful wisdom sharing amongst the group on a new weekly themes relevant to women today. With heart-opening practices and depth of wisdom you leave feeling connected, nurtured and totally, utterly empowered!

I am a part of women’s groups online - with powerful women around the world gathering each week. If this sounds interesting to you - please reach out to me at to discuss more and possibly guest on one or two. :)

Want me to come to your home town?

I love exploring the world with my partner and yoga teacher, Paul Teodo. Interested in hosting one of our workshops at your home studio? 

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