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I’ll help you find a practice that suits your individuality and lifestyle. A practice for your day-to-day, to remove anxiety and cultivate happiness.

My approach centers on mindfulness, body awareness, visualization and instinctive meditation.

The goal is to find what’s simple, effective and easy to integrate into your life.

We’ll meet for 1 hour sessions. It’s recommended to do at least 4 initial sessions to cover the basics and find a practice that’s right for you. 


“Bodywork” is a form of therapy using techniques involving touch or stretching the body, so we can relieve it from a lifetime of tension, stress and toxicity that’s been stored in the muscles, fascia and skeletal structure.

I’m certified in four modalities and will adjust each session depending on your needs.

My Offerings

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Corporate or Groups

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Want to bring Meditation to your workplace? You’re in good company, I’ve taught at:

 Thrive Market

Thrive Market

 Schulten Group Wells Fargo Advisors

Schulten Group Wells Fargo Advisors





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