Why I’m Moving To Bali

Paul and I are moving to Bali in exactly 3 weeks. One way tickets, a few suitcases and guitars. Somebody pinch me cause this is totally surreal!
The first question on everyone’s mind is, “For how long? Will you be back?” Well, I’m sure at some point but as far as timing, we just don’t know! The second question is usually, “Why?” Besides the obvious (Bali is a magical place), here’s a few personal reasons for us…

Deepening our Practice with Teachers Who Don’t Own iPhones

Ok, I joke – we don’t really care about iPhones (and they’re probably everywhere) but you get the point. We want to study with some Eastern teachers to maintain perspective. There’s this encroaching commercialized mindset in the Western yoga and meditation worlds that we’d like to regain perspective on. We want to go to the source, dig in and stay connected to the heart of the practice. It’s said the Vedas took their roots in India but bore their fruits in the magic of Bali. It’s a rich spiritual culture, primarily Buddhist-Hindu – full of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healers, teachers and opportunities for next level awakening. Bring it on!

Awakening The Inner Artist

When I was a little girl, my parents asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said, “A traveling artist!” Over the years, that enthusiasm turned to self-doubt, and my drive to create art was funneled into countless hours on computer spreadsheets, stressing over someone else’s bottom line. Enough of that. I’m an artist. Finally admitting it to myself. I may have stopped singing, dancing, painting, writing and sewing, but I haven’t lost my desire to create. Meditation and support from loved ones has helped me recognize that.

So this year, I’m committing to finding my artist again and Bali is a place that inspires us! Paul will continue to focus on his art, the musical genius he is (fyi he’ll hate that I just said that but it’s true, he inspires me daily). Plus, there will be plenty of meditation videos to surely come out of this creative mode, so if you’re missing our classes, stay tuned. 🙂

Slowing The F Down.

This culture glorifies being busy like it’s a badge of honor. Seems like we all unconsciously one-up each other with who is busier, am I right?! Meditation has been so crucial for us in handling stress and slowing down, but I admit, it’ll be nice to get around everywhere in a matter of minutes! Less is more. With less competing demands and priorities, we’ll have more time to enjoy life, each other, our art and our practice. Life is too short to pass this up.

Keeping My Arms and Legs

Listen, I know cities are expensive places to live, but $3,800 for an average 1-bedroom in Venice? Has this city gone mad? I chose the professions I’m in because I love giving to others and sharing tools for living. I’m an advocate of LIVING, not just getting by. I can have a great quality of life in Bali for about 80% less cost of living. I’d like to invest the rest in my future. Yes please. 🙂

Instagram Culture.

Humility alert: In this golden age of social media, I find myself wanting to focus on being the best teacher I can and creating an enriching space for my students, but the efforts to make a living require a need for a social media presence (promoting classes, etc) that frankly drain me. Perhaps it’s time I hire a social media manager (if you know a good one, let me know!), but in any case, I’d like to focus more on the art of meditation and my relationships with students. Social media can be great within doses and to spread the word about something we’re excited about, but I don’t want to feel the NEED to be glued to it, I’d rather keep my relationship with social media healthy and not co-dependent.

For this reason, I’ve made a commitment to do a digital detox when we settle in to Bali for a little while. Push the RESET button. I’d like to treasure real connection with people, face to face interactions, doing the daily “hard” work on my self, meditating, reading, creating art, doing yoga, exploring, taking responsibility and committing to living a life of happiness. 🙂

Exploring SE Asia

I’m excited to explore a whole new part of the world with Paul, visit places we’ve never been. India, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, Thailand. 🙂

I’ll Miss You LA

Although we’re leaving, I still love so many things about LA that I will miss! I’m grateful for all the things I’ve learned and experienced here. The people I’ve met in this community are incredible. The teachers, the healers, the artists, the social entrepreneurs and entertainers. What a truly unique place. I learned to love myself here, discover more about yoga and meditation, stand up for myself, step into my purpose and find love.

I’ll miss the occasional boogy-down to Marques Wyatt’s deep-house, running into everyone I know at Cafe G. I’ll miss my classes and students, and the Cro-Jo’s from Flake. I’ll miss the sunsets at the pier, drives down PCH, riding bikes on the Venice boardwalk. I’ll miss Temescal hikes and strolls through the canals and so much more.

Mostly, I’ll miss hanging my friends. I know Paul will too. Please come visit us! 😃

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