Is Synchronicity Magic?

The most bizarre and inspiring thing happened this weekend. I stepped onto the street after teaching class when someone I hadn’t seen in a while, but had just spoken about a few hours before, walked past and said, “Leah, what are you doing?” Nicely surprised, we talked for a bit then he went on his way to a nearby store. I didn’t think too much of it, but I received an email from him the next morning exclaiming, “Leah, the most extraordinary thing happened after we parted ways last night..”

He said that if we hadn’t stopped to talk, or if any of the proceeding events hadn’t occurred, he wouldn’t have walked out the store at precisely the exact moment his ex-girlfriend from 16 years prior walked smack in front of the door. A stumbling happenstance that allowed him to spend an evening connecting with her after long-lost distance and no contact for all those years.

It Just Gets Better…

After hearing his delightful story, I drove to The Den early for my class and decided to grab a Starbucks across the street. I almost never go to Starbucks (still a Seattle snob), but I remembered the last time – there was a friendly woman with a cute dog in line in front of me. I can forget people, but I almost never forget a dog! Well, lo-and-behold, I walked in and nearly stop dead in my tracks as the SAME EXACT DOG with a cute sweater on (and his friendly owner) were standing there in line again looking right at me! We both fell into awe. This was so much more than deja vu! We said, “Maybe we’re supposed to know each other?!”

What are the chances?

Probably 10 million to none, maybe more. And yet, I have 3 more of these stories from the last week alone. Is there magic in the air?

You’ve probably experienced it before, you look at the clock and it’s always the same numbers appearing, you hear a quote for the first time then it appears 3x that day. You think of someone from years ago and they text you…

Sometimes, the Universe throws us an event that was choreographed so perfectly, we couldn’t have strewn the whole thing together if we wanted to. It leaves our eyes wide and jaws open, stretching the very limits of our minds’ rational. We break into a natural sound of “ahh”. We connect with something greater than ourselves, we’re jolted off autopilot and the veil between our outer world and a higher consciousness becomes thinner.  We start to ask, “What’s the meaning of it all? Is there some bigger force at play? Is it God? The universe? Some cosmic prankster?” I’d like to think all in the same.

So what is it?

Carl Jung, famous Swiss Psychologist, first coined it “Synchronicity”, but whether it’s God, a coincidence or just plain ole’ magic, I believe in the looking at the meaning behind it. Synchronicities are signs letting us know we’re on the right path (or not). They heighten our awareness, and awaken our soul to higher states of consciousness. When we pay attention to the signs’ meanings, the path before us becomes enlightened and have a choice about the future. The more awake you become, the more signs you start to see. The Universe beautifully unfolds your life into existence in ways more perfectly than you could have ever orchestrated yourself.

How do you find more synchronicity in your life?

In 2017, see if you can follow your inspiration, instincts and intuition. As you let go of trying to control everything, your heart, mind and body become aligned. That’s when life unfolds the synchronicity and magic all around you.  A huge help:

  1. Start journaling every day. Even if its just a page or two. You’ll be shocked at how fast things start flowing in your life!
  2. Clean house. Make amends with people you need to. Take responsibility and apologize. Get rid of excess stuff. It’ll feel good!
  3. Look to meditation and mindfulness. Powerful practices that can help you fine-tune this awareness, and align your mind-body system with what you want in life. If you’re in the LA area, meet with me privately, stop in to one of my classes or take my retreat this Summer in Thailand (woohoo!).

Either way, start a practice and do it every day. It’ll change your life. I guarantee it.


**Check out my events and classes for more details, including my workshop this Sunday, Jan 8th: 4:30pm Adventures In Intimacy

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