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Meditation is relaxing, resting and releasing stress. It’s also forgetting that you’re meditating, and then remembering again. It’s a flow of experience and there’s many stages you flow through.

I offer techniques for all levels and specialize in working with beginners so no need for previous experience. If you have experience already, I’ll probably ask you to take on a mindset of a beginner!

If you can breathe, you can meditate! It works for everyone, literally everyone. Start small with just a few moments a day and work your way up. Just like playing an instrument for the first time, you can’t expect to sound like Mozart after the first few tries, it takes practice. Meditation is exactly the same, stick with it and soon you will start to see the benefits in your life.

The major issue most people run into that prevents them from sustaining a practice long-term is not taking an approach of enjoyment and welcoming their senses, of straining or trying to stop their mind. This simply isn’t possible.

Meditation is simple, be yourself. That doesn’t mean it’s easy OR difficult. Doing it without judging yourself or your experience is key.

Great Question! If you’re falling asleep in meditation, it means you’re likely suffering from sleep deprivation. Get regular sleep at night and watch how your meditations improve! If that’s not possible or you’re still dozing off while meditating, try opening the eyes, sitting more upright and breathing deeper.

Welcome the feeling of restlessness –– that’s the energies of life revving their motors. Welcome the feeling wanting to jump up and do things. This is your own vitality and life force. Welcome it and don’t try to shut it off. I’ll help you discover an approach to meditation which doesn’t put you at war against your own nature.

Meditation is a mental practice, not just a spiritual practice. Yes, it’s been used in many forms of religions and cultures (even the mayans meditated), so it has an inherent spiritual foundation, but it’s for everyone, including for those practicing spirituality. You don’t have to follow a particular belief system to meditate.

Meditation is a place to examine what’s happening in the mind, the body and the environment around you, so you can become centered and create a healthy, loving relationship with your body and life itself. Over three-thousand studies on meditators have been done at Universities to find that meditation is for everyone, and leads to a happier and healthier life.

There are thousands of techniques, each one intended to have a different effect. Many say that a certain technique is the only right one. But the truth is, what works for YOU works for you.

Research suggests that people’s meditation practices evolve throughout their life, in the same way that a style of clothing will work for you in your twenties won’t work for you in your 30s or 40s. It’s time for you to move on to something new, and your practice is no different. What you need to consider is –> What approach to meditation helps YOU to thrive in YOUR daily life? Celebrate your individuality!

You don’t need to bring anything to meditation, but I’d recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can sit or move in freely. If you’re prone to getting cold, you might bring a light sweater. Often times people’s body temperature drops slightly while sitting in meditation.

Always talk to your doctor or physical therapist first if you have major injuries and please be sure to tell me where these are prior to first meeting so I can properly assess a plan of treatment for you in bodywork. For meditation, there’s always ways of doing it that can become more comfortable for you regardless the condition or injury. I’ll help you find out how.


Comments on Leah


Creative Ops

“I found myself gently nudged out of my comfort-zone and experienced a profound learning that aloud me to let down my guard and really open with other human beings.”

Annalise Manz

Managing Editor and Author

“Leah’s meditation classes have been so lovely. It’s nice to take a break during the day to recharge, and our sessions were the perfect opportunity to de-stress, relax, and remember what’s really important. I also loved how well our little group got to know each other after a few classes.”

Jeff Grant

SEO Director

“I love Leah’s meditation classes. I think she’s on her way to becoming a great meditation guru, maybe already is from a past life?”

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