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“OMG, I can’t meditate. My mind is wayyy too crazy!”

Said…nearly Everyone that first starts this journey.

Even me.

Those very words came out of my mouth once.

But I’ll tell you what,

it’s not only possible, it’s actually your natural state.

I get goosebumps and the little hairs on my arms raise the moment,  

I help someone experience the true essence of meditation.

and finally experience
the connection,

and blissful flow of life they’ve “always heard about”.

Then joy bubbles up their body

and energy flows through their limbs,

space starts to appear between thoughts

And reality becomes profound

As they drop deeply into a flow state.

Now that’s what i’m talking about.


And no – It’s not just reserved for monks or life-long yogis,

you don’t need to cave it out in the himalayas to find it….

And you certainly don’t need to shave your head, sit Indian style for hours on end, give up sex, chocolate and all your material possessions or reach a state of “enlightenment” to experience this bliss.

But I digress.

The simple fact is Meditation is possible for everyone 

No matter your race, age, background, religion or creed.

And yet i completely understand why it feels so tough to do,

why it always feels like your mind is racing and you’re “doing it wrong”.

Why? Because we’ve been conditioned by society, plenty of gurus and well-meaning teachers to make our mind the enemy.

We’ve tried to squeeze uncomfortably into the cookie-cutter mold of what meditation “should” look like. instead of exploring it like a personal practice that’s unique and individual to each of us.

I’m introducing a radical approach to meditation,

one that will liberate you To experience all the bliss

Without all the hype and constraints.

The irony is – this instinctual approach to meditation isn’t new.

Humans have been meditating this way successfully for thousands of years.

So, if you’ve tried meditating before and it felt rigid, laborious or

downright impossible.

If you’ve been frustrated by racing thoughts

or you feel like you just couldn’t make it work.

Then it’s time to try a new approach.

No more going to war with yourself,

Like I once did.

I used to suffer with overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

By the time my Microsoft career was kicking into high gear, i became discouraged by the reality that I was pushing myself too hard to fit into a life that I didn’t even want for me.

Killing myself over it.

I was getting sick all the time. I looked for peace in money, books, parties, relationships and drugs. But all this dependency on external things only generated a faux sense of happiness that was very short-lived.

I was discontent with life, exhausted at the end of each 12 hour workday, with no comprehension of how to muster the energy to do it all over again the next day. I was disconnected from my purpose,, and the joy i Could have been experiencing.

I know what it’s like to be on your knees with your arms in the air.

I finally said, “enough”.. And with the support of a friend and nothing to lose, I schlepped myself into a yoga and meditation studio. That began a soul journey that led me to study with some of the world’s most revolutionary teachers.  

And my life hasn’t been the same since.

I still had the same relationships, job, apartment and childhood traumas. I still had all the same demands…but something radical occurred…

As I explored a daily practice that was customized for me and my lifestyle,, my perceptions started to shift…

I started to love myself and my life.
I started attracting loving relationships.
Looking at the world from a more centered place,
Suddenly, outer circumstances didn’t cast the same burdens they once did.

And My eyes became open to the reality that I was already

in perfect harmony with nature itself.

Even more, I was EMPOWERED in every moment to

 feel happy, whole and free.

And so are you my friend.

I’d love to show you how.

Intrigued to know what this could mean for you?

Find powerful stories from people who’ve worked with me below….

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